Available courses

Course image Python Programming - Online
Core Programming

Through this course, the trainee can learn the basics of programming and development in the Python language and with a specially designed curriculum for those wishing to learn the basics of programming or develop their programming skills. The prepared curriculum does not require the availability of any prior programming information, as it includes learning the basics, correct and appropriate programming structure, in addition to using the Python language in several applications, including artificial intelligence.

Course image Raspberry Pi Embedded Systems & IoT
Embedded Systems

This is a strongly prepared course of 8 lectures to train the developers on how to use the Raspberry Pi platform in embedded systems for general purposes applications and IoT applications. It is catered for all levels and those interested in learning about the Raspberry Pi, its capabilities and the internet of things IoT. The course will cover Python programming and use different hardware components to build interested projects. An optional extended part available to learn how to monitor and control everything from anywhere on Raspberry Pi by using Internet service and free applications.

Course image Internet of Things & Embeddded Systems
Embedded Systems

Internet of Things (IoT) has huge importance for Businesses as well as for consumers. It is important to sense and collect data from connected devices, and then share that data across the internet where it can be processed and utilized for various purposes and decisions. IoT allows for real-time information that we’ve never had before. We can monitor our homes and businesses remotely to keep them secure. This course will cover the essentials of IoT concepts and leads the learner to build different Embedded Systems based IoT technique.

Course image MicroPython Based Embedded Systems
Embedded Systems

UrukTech offers a the free training course on “Developing Embedded Systems” by using Raspberry Pi Pico board and MicroPython programmin language. The course will cover the most theoretical and practical topics of the modern embedded systems and the principles.

Course image Advanced Embedded Systems Course
Embedded Systems
The course will cover the most advanced topics of the modern embedded systems like connecting the mobile device to the embedded systems, the principles of the smart home, essentials of the robotics and many other topics.